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Updated: Aug 20

This site is dedicated to Jake Mercer #81 cart racing, and Bryan Mercer #81 late model racing. On this site you will find a full list of sponsors that financially make this all happen, teams members that dedicate their time and have so much passions to keep the wheels moving, including family, friends and fans, both cart and late model racing schedules and gallery of Jake, Bryan and memories of the past.

Special thanks to Ron Mercer, Bryans father being the heart of the why racing runs in the blood of the Mercer family. Gwen Mercer, Bryans Mother who wouldn't miss race and is always 100% supportive.

Please follow the news and updates below to watch this full team of sponsors, teams mates, family, friends and drivers experience the racing community and culture we have all come to love.

Thank you all for your support for years past, and the future.

Jake and Bryan

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